My Saturn 1995 sl2 smoking from tailpipe and slight from under hood (white smoke) HELP?

ok im having problems with my 1995 sl2 4 door sedan saturn..

1.the car only starts when it is jump started

2. when it starts..smoke comes from out the exhaust pipe (WHite smoke) and some smoke is coming from the under the hood

3. without the jumper cables ill try to start the car...itll turn on but it wont run like itll be a SLIGHT crank then car car kinda dies( as if it needed a jump) but my battery is brand new.

4.what is it that i need and what might be the problem..and how much will the repair cost

5.i know its not my head gasket becasue this mechanic said i just need my tps circuits checked but i wanna know from somebody else that might have experience please Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    white smoke is head gasket or even worse and more likely, cracked cylinder head. Hard to start because water is leaking into the cylinders. This is a very common problem on Saturns!

    TPS circuit problem usually causes a no start (from not enough fuel) or black smoke (too much fuel) when starting.

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    4 years ago

    Saturn 1995 Sl2

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    5 years ago

    Try to figure out when it happens. Is it when you start the car, or when you accelerate? See if you can have someone else at the controls to duplicate this while you look with the hood open. Have you checked all the fluid levels? This could be steam, meaning you have a coolant leak. Or it could be oil, meaning you're leaking oil someplace onto something hot - the exhaust, maybe? Look for discolorations, excess dirt, etc, and see where it came from.

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