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What to feed a few week old kitty?

I really want a kitty and I might be getting one but im not sure what kind of food to give her??

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    If possible, the kitten should stay with her mother until about 8 weeks of age. She needs to nurse from mom cat and learn cat behavior. You can certainly have a 4-5 week old, but if possible, leave the kitten until he's a little older. Once you get the kitten, give it good quality (doesn't have to be expensive pet store brand) canned food (Friskies, etc), and look for kitten food. Be sure cat has plenty of water - NOT MILK - most cats are naturally lactose intolerant and will get sick from cows milk. You may be able to find kitty milk (I think Wiskas make it) which is like milk and tasty for cats, but not cows milk.

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    Soft food if she's not eating hard food yet. If she's not even eating soft food yet, then you shouldn't get her. She still needs the nourishment from her mom.

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