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What has zero carbs that i can out on a burger?

Im on a low to no carb diet,

I have chicken burger patties that only have one carb in them.

I want to essentially make a chicken burger with out the bun, what veggies and sauces or spices have no carbs in them that i can put on the chicken burger??

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    Even vegetables have some carbs - some more than others. Don't get too crazy or you will starve. Avoid the obvious - bread, rice, pasta, cereal, potatoes all root vegetables except turnips. No processed foods. No carbonated drinks. No alcohol. If you eat lots of fresh vegetables you will get the carbs you need. You can have an 8 oz serving of 80%/20% ground beef. for your issue. Grill a portabella mushroom. Remove the stem and the gills. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil top and bottom TWICE. Grill - put your burger on top. My husband is on the Ideal Protein diet which is extremely restrictive on carbs. I grill 80/20 beef burgers medium. Plate one or 2 leaves of romaine - set the hot burger on top then wrap in another couple of leaves of romaine. The heat from the burger slightly wilts the lettuce. Very nice. He loves burgers - beef, chicken or turkey on a portballa.


  • A slice of cheese, mustard, ad wrap in a lettuce leaf (butter leaf lettuce is the best) also onions if you like them, and a small slice of tomatoe would be okay, yes there are carbs but a thin slice would not be to bad.

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