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What show depicted battle in history through computer generation?

The show would generate battles throughout ancient-medieval history. They would examine strategy, troop movement, size, etc. I believe is was shown sometime between 2001 and 2004, on perhaps the History or Military Channel. If anyone remembers the series or the name of it, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    ProgrammingThe Eastern Front: Turning Point at Stalingrad

    The Unholy Battle for Rome

    Inside the Great Battles

    The Kamikaze

    Pacific: The Lost Evidence



    Mail Call

    The Last Days of WWII



    President Lincoln Assassination

    Hitler's War: The Lost

    The Eastern Front: The Gates of Moscow

    Tactical to Practical

    Survival Training

    Greatest Raids

    Free Cabanatuan

    Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey

    Hitler's Collaborators

    Greatest Tank Battles

    Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World


    Surviving the Cut

    You will need to go to the link bellow to see which of the above have links to the programme.

    You will probably see a similar list on the History Chanel Page.

    I can think of Sea Power, Flying Through Time, and Air Power, all of which have been screened on one of our local TV Channel


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  • Deadliest Warrior did that for a while for historical battles. The history channel has a variety of shows that also did that, ranging from modern battles in Iraq to ancient Greek and Roman engagements.

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    Hitler Collabarators


    Surviving the Cut

    World War II in HD

    Vietnam in HD

    Hitlers Bodyguard

    The Third Reich Rise and Fall

    The Roman Empire Rise and Fall

    Deadliest Tank Battles

    Nostrodamas Effect

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