Best Electric Drill/Driver Combo?

I do not know a lot about electric drills. I've heard Dewalt is a great brand, but I don't know a lot about different voltages etc. for the seperate ones.

I'm a IT professional so I might use it a bit at work, but I will mostly use it at home as I just bought a home and I'm re-doing it.

I'm looking for a drill/driver combo with a charger.

Any links to some good ones?


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  • 8 years ago
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    You really can't go wrong with DeWalt. You'll pay a bit more now, but you'll have it a lot longer. I have this one and it's great:

    I will also say that I've had nothing but great experience with Craftsman (Sears) power tools. I don't think they are quite professional grade, but for the homeowner/handyman, they are rock solid and well-priced.

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    8 years ago

    Lots of good stuff out there, sure DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaulkee, and (expensive) Panasonic.

    Shoot for a cased tool with two NiMH batteries, if not the newer Lithium Ion stuff, somewhere between and including 12 to 18 volts. More power = more weight, so go try few on for size and comfort. Having been buying cordless drills for as long as they've been available, I also have found that new batteries can exceed the cost of a whole new 'kit, so am happy with factory re-furbs that cost half as much (or less) and last just as long. For new stuff, we're about to get into the holiday gift season, so everybody will have sales and specials. Just don't buy a $300 set on sale for $200 if you don't need it - versus a $150 drill on sale for $100 (or "$99.99"). Ho ho ho.

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  • Jim W
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    8 years ago

    DeWalt, Milwaukee, Rigid, Bosch, are all top brands and more designed for construction use than for a homeowner. The basic difference is they cost more and are built for more rough use. For DIY and heavy home owner use Ryobi, Makita, possibly Craftsman are brands to consider. For the hobby user, Black & Decker, Stanley, Delta, are less expensive units and do not endure heavy use like some of the others.

    Black&Decker/Stanley also produces the DeWalt brand.

    For these units consider that the higher the voltage of the unit the more torque it can produce, you will likely find 19 volt as the most common on the market now and they can produce enough torque that a shoulder rotator cuff injury can occur if you are unwary. The weak point in any of these units is the replacement of the batteries in 3 years which can be expensive. My personal units are Ryobi in 14.4 volts, I wore out several B&D "Firestorm" 12 volt units on a 6 month job about 10 years ago and those did sour me on that brand. Home Depot and Lowes' will have sales over the next few weeks. Spend some time and go to the store and handle each of the units, how it fits your hand, balance ease of use are all things to consider. A large man will not like the way a drill designed for a small woman feels in the hand. The grip is too small or a woman will hate a drill with a large grip for the same reason. Just the size is wrong.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Like the rest said a Name Brand,..So you'l be able to buy replacement batteries.

  • XTX
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    8 years ago

    == the corded drill is more dependable and it has the staying power that those battery ops don't .... You cannot go wrong with Sears and they can explain all brands .............

  • 8 years ago

    harbor 3/8 vsr drill $12.99 [ on sale]

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