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Why did WWE fake the deaths of Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero it is just sick.?

wrestling is fake enough with out making up lies about the deaths of people we all know that Chris Benoit is shark boy who was in TNA and Eddie Guerrero is Sin Cara.

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    Chris Benoit had to commit fulltime to shark boy gimmick after legit killing his son & wife. butttt Eddie Guerrero is Not Sin Cara. He is actually the one who.kidnapped Abyss for his old ECW friend Bubba *ahem* Bully Ray. This way Chavo Guerrero could take Abyss' place as biggest lame @$$ wrestler since curry man in TNA HISTORY

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    If success is accomplishments then Benoit would were far more succesful, but if success is how so much do you sell Guerrero's charisma is far more than Benoit's charisma and he'd promote far more than Benoit. Any manner they are each great wrestlers who deserve our appreciate and love. R.I.P. Benoit and Guerrero

  • 8 years ago

    they faked mcmahons death so i wouldnt be surprised !

  • 8 years ago

    I can't believe this. I read this is the Onion, too.

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    I hope a stranger comes to your house and rapes your family.. I hope u have a 4 year old daughter so the stranger takes his time raper the sh** out of her! Then after he doesnt kill ur family but gives them all AIDS and u will watch them suffer

  • WWE Faked the Deaths of all the other Wrestlers who have died over the last 25 years too then. You're gpoing to tell me that Junkyard Dog, Brian Pillman, DaveyBoy Smith, Owen Hart, Test, Sherri Martel, Bam Bam Bigelow, Terry Bam Bsm Gordy, Doug Furnass, Johnny Geunge, Chris Candido, Rocco Rock, Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, Bruiser Brody, Andre The Giant and everyoen else is alive too. As a Troll, The Wrestling Fans in Yahoo Answers give you a Grade of "F".

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    are you out of you mind?! WWE did not fake their deaths. Those two are actually dead.

  • 8 years ago

    im pretty sure your trollin right?

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