What can I do? My sister doesn't get along with my mom's husband?

So my sister doesn't like my mom's husband. AT ALL!

He was nice and brought us some food once, and my sister flipped out and started yelling at him for no reason. The only person she truly gets along with is my grandma. I have never had much of an issue with her husband. He seems nice enough and he rubbed my belly once which was great.

Its gotten to the point where my mom has to keep my sister in a separate room when her husband comes to visit.

What can I do about my sister's behavior?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't get hot under the collar or terrier self up about it! Try not to get too overexcited yourself as that, and your submissive behaviour can lead to little accidents around the house. Your mom and grandma need to reward your sister whenever they see good behaviour to give her a new leash of life. Your sister is barking mad! But it's a dog's life to get locked up in another room for it. Someone needs to springer!

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