can a humpanzee happen?

Ive heard evolutionists tout that Humans and Chimps are as close as Lions and Tigers or Horses and donkeys. Well there are mules and ligers why wouldn't a human artificially inseminate a chimpanzee and make a humpanzee? wouldn't that prove evolution?

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    Humans and chimpanzees are not as close as either of the other two dyads - they are in different genera for one thing. Whether or not closely related species depends can breed on the time since divergence and how much of the architecture of the genome is shared. Horses and donkeys can hybridise almost naturally but tigers and lions do not, they have to be placed in extreme stress to reproduce with one another.

    The existence of hybridization or not doesn't prove evolution or otherwise, it is an interesting side effect of common ancestry.

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    Oh, dear God. No!! First, humans and chimpanzees are not nearly as closely related as are lions and tigers, which have the same chromosome number. Humans have a different chromosome number (46) than do chimpanzees (48), and it would be impossible on a purely genetic level for two different organisms with two different chromosome numbers to produce compatible gametes. The chromosomes would not line up. Also, the genetic material is different enough that it would be impossible to combine them.

    This sort of thing is the most misunderstood concept in biological science in my opinion. Humans did NOT evolve from apes, so no..this is impossible and would not prove anything. Humans and apes took very different paths along the evolutionary pathway, and we are not as closely related as many people believe. That 2% difference is huge, and having different chromosome numbers makes combining human DNA with chimpanzee DNA impossible on a genetic level, not to mention a very strong "ick" factor.

    Source(s): retired AP biology, physiology teacher
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    I doubt that you've ever heard an evolutionary biologist ever say anything of the kind... and I rather doubt that any of them would call themselves an "evolutionist" as this is usually a term used by religionist morons with about as much knowledge and understanding of evolution as the average earthworn (but with slightly less intelligence).

    Humans and Chimps are much less closely related than Lions and Tigers or various members of the horse family and therefore hybrids are not possible.

    Being 'closely related' is not just a matter of how much the DNA sequence is identical but also such factors as how the DNA is arranged on the Chromosomes.

    Producing a hybrid would contribute very little to 'proving' evolution because evolution is already proven beyond all reasonable doubt - there is a huge mountain of evidence in support of evolution and not one single item of evidence or fact which does not fit. Artificially producing a hybrid would have no effect on this evidence one way or another.

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    NO,we aren't!

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