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How Do I Split in Rhino 3D V4.0?

i've been trying to split a electrathon car design in Rhinoceros 3D V4.0. to build the actual design in real life instead of just on a computer we need to cut the car in 2 inch sections to print and put onto sections of foam to cut the shape of the shell out and coat it in carbon fiber. Everytime i attempt at cutting the car, i get an error saying

"Split failed, objects may not intersect or intersections may not split object."

These are the steps i take to cut up the drawing; the car is joined all into one piece, so clicking anywhere will highlight the whole car.

1. I place a line intersecting all the lines to make one two inch section

2. i extrude up so the surface extrudes and intersects through the entire section.

3. choose the split command.

4. click on car as object to split.

5. click on surface as the splitting object.

6. press enter.

7. error occured.

we really need this design cut to begin building the car so we're ready for the race at the end of the year.

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