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Advice for a 17 year old.?

Im at school at the moment and I really like this girl. Ive started a new school so ive only known her for like 2 months.

I am sort of friends with her friends and we spend time together and get on really well

I like her though and want to ask her out.... Would be a good idea to ask about meeting up for coffe sometime and just hang out with her a bit. And then after sometime ask her out? Would you just ask her out straight away?

Any other ways to become better friends/closer??

One last thing, Im not bad looking or anything but hardly the most popular guy at school. Shes really pretty and is quite popular. I think she is possibly out of my league. But who knows we spend time together so she must like me at least just as a friend??

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    8 years ago

    Why do you think she is out of your league? Popularity isn't everything!

    And if you are already sorta friends with her, that is even better!

    Do you guys text a lot? Just text her a lot, that shows her that you like her.

    And then afterwards ask her if she wants to hang out with you (Do fun things that can get you real close, like coffee, fun park, water park, mall or restaurant, a place where you can talk a lot and get to know each other) Don't go to the movies, it's way too cliche. On those "dates" or hangout, call her beautiful when you pick her up, be a gentleman (pay for dinner etc., open the door, ...)

    Do that a couple of times and then when it feels right, tell her that you like her.

    Good Luck!! :)

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    Source(s): I'm a girl, and I promise this method works! She will melt from the inside haha
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