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Why does my ex do this? Still like me or just some nonsense?

We dated for quite a while and then broke up a few times, but always worked it out. She moved away for grad school last summer and had a bf soon afterwards. I stopped communicating when I found out and she told me about it. Thought that I should know. I've been told by other women that if she truly loved me, she would tell me about it!

Back in March, she began to "like" and comment a lot on my wall and to this day, she is the one person who likes and comments on my posts the most out of anyone else. I haven't liked or commented on any of her stuff in well over a year or even looked at her wall. Last winter and in March, I received a picture of her cat once via text and the other via email. Also in March, I received a random phone call from her that I missed, but when I called back the next day, no answer, no acknowledgement of it, but continued to like and comment on stuff. I found her on a dating site this summer, so I hope she's single! Why would an ex do all of this? Why comment/like stuff that doesn't even pertain to you? Its confusing. I still love her and want to be with her and many people that I still will and that she's doing this because she wants me in her life someway.

Just as recently as last week, I posted two things on Monday, something on Tuesday. The Tuesday thing got liked Tue night and on Wed night, the monday stuff got both a comment and a like. Its as if she's going back to read through my wall and comment/like on stuff 2-3 days old.

I did notice the one time I initiated a FB convo with her, I had to cut it short, but I noticed she tried to keep the convo going by asking, "what else is new?" I got asked that three times! I don't know her to tease or do anything in an intoxicated state, not that kind of woman. I mean she doesn't do the odd random texts or cat pics anymore, but for a time she was. Maybe didn't get the result she wanted? IDK.

I mean I don't get random texts or cat pics anymore, but I didn't really respond to them with much haste, so I've been told that she probably thinks I don't care anymore or have moved on?

Your thoughts?

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    Sounds like she's single again and periodically looking back? She's obviously lonely and wants to see if you're still single and free, hoping you'll say you are AND then she'll take it from there. People do that all the time. Especially when they realize the grass wasn't greener. Not saying that's applicable to her, but it could be? Hope that helps? Good luck

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