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Dealing w/ a dry socket?

So I was really stupid and smoked/sucked on hard candies like 4-5 hours after an extraction. It was 2 days ago and i'm almost certain I will be getting a dry socket, and I need your advice.

No pain yet but I'm planning on calling my doctor immediately if I get any tooth pain tomorrow, however I would like to be prepared. Should I swish w/ Listerine? Should I pack w/ oragel and gauze if intense pain comes? What in general should I do?

The only upside is that I have been swishing w/ salt water after every meal and I still have a lot of Vicodin.


Would hydrogen peroxide be good?

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    8 years ago
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    i have had a dry socket and the pain was much worse than the toothache itself,the vicodin itself should be enough for the pain but if uncertain i would go back to dentist and have it repacked.

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