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My girlfriends parents think that I am going to murder their oldest daughter!?!?!?

Lately I have had to deal with my girlfriends older sister who hates me for no reason or at least none that I got. But one night I had a dream about murdering her and the next day I had told my band about it and we had put those dreams into a song. After a few days we had taken the song to the studio and I had taken my girlfriend and her younger sister to the studio with me. My girlfriend knew all along that the song was about her older sister and because she hates her as much as i do she actually help write the song. Her younger sister didn't know that the song was about their older sister until I was taking them back home. She some how figured it out that the song was about their older sister. I don't know how. She might of been that she was listening in on our conversation. Then one night me and my girlfriend are fooling around when she got a phone call saying that she needed to get home and get home now and not to bring her boyfriend. Later that night I got an email saying that my girlfriends younger sister told her parents about the song and that I am not to associate with them at all ever again.(please note that I never told the older sister or the parents about the song because this is exactly what I was trying to avoid I never mentioned her name or my association to her in the song or in person.) the next morning my girlfriends dad comes knocking on my door at 9a.m. Saying that me and my girlfriend are done and if I ever come around again he'll shoot me. I also got a 3 page text from my girlfriends mom saying that she will not press charges of threatening to take someones life now but if I come around anymore that she will. (note- I know the family cannot press charges because they have no proof or evidence of me saying I would kill their daughter or that I have ever done anything to any of them or their house) The song even says " I had a dream last night " and because I know that I could not knowingly murder someone it says " but every dream I have could never ever come true"

Me and my girlfriend have been together for a year and I truly do love her it was only a matter of time before I was going to ask her to marry me but now I can't see her let alone ask the question. I need some help on trying to prove to my girlfriends parents that I am not going to hurt anybody inside their family or outside their family. It's music and my band is known for not sugar coating anything in the lyrics. We say what we want to say or what we need to say. We get our feelings off our chest and that is why we are so popular in our local scene. But it all means nothing if I didn't have my girlfriend to share my dreams with and can't prove to my girlfriends parents that I am not crazy or an intended murderer...


I tried to talk to the family they refuse to listen to me and my mentor/step dad who is a police officer. They will not listen to us they kinda have one track minds

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    tell them what you feel and prove them wrong.

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    Hey ..this means only one thing.

    Go and make up with that girl who u had dream about murdering.

    Tell her you are not the kind of person she thinks you are

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    Tell the parents the same thing you just wrote out

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