In black ops 2 campaign, should I kill Menendez or Harper, what's the difference from killing one?

Does kill either choose the direction of the story, what one should I kill?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Kill harper. If you kill him then (I forgot who) but someone survives and they crack the celerium code and you get an achievement. Also if you want the best ending then

    Avoid fire at end of fallen angel

    Let defalco escape in karma

    Rescue Chloe in second chance

    Shoot harder in Achilles veil

    Wound Alex mason in suffer with me

    Wound admiral Briggs in Odysseus

    Capture menendez at end of judgement day(don't kill him)

    And complete dispactch

    Secon chance and dispatch are strike force missions.

    If you do the above then china becomes an ally

    Farid and defalco take each other out

    Chloe survives and cracks celerium worm

    Alex is reunited with David

    Good ending eh?

    Source(s): My friend has the strategy guide of black ops 2
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    8 years ago

    I never killed harper mate. If you go to kill menedez, he parrioes the istol and shoots farede and yells at him then shoots him dead. Harper lives as he just gets knocked out. In the end I never killed him just arrested him. the end....if you spare menedez...completely.......he does something ....odd...during AND after the credits. Im playing it through again but going to kill harper and ye you get it. ;) Cheers!

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