Illinois laws on 'exposing yourself to a minor child'...?

2 girls, ages 12 and 14, are living with their mother. She than moved in her boyfriend. They are both alcoholics. The girls have expressed concern with this and TRIED to talk to their mother but that ends at the girls being screamed at. And than this...The boyfriend walks around naked in front of the 2 girls with no attempts of covering himself. He gets out of the shower and walks around naked. He even stands in the kitchen and cooks while naked. When the girls walked in on this, he only yelled at them to go to bed and made no attempt to cover himself while screaming. They went upstairs to bed and the girls claim that they kept each other up all night because they were scared to go to sleep in fear that he would come up up there. RED FLAG! My alarm instantly went off.. afraid to go to sleep afraid he will come up to their room??? after a talk with the girls they claim this man has never touched them in any inappropriate way. Later, a relative of their mother had told a friend that the boyfriend was found in the oldest daughters bed! Another talk with the girls lead to tears, she said she was embarrassed, wondered why this relative would do this to her and said that it was absolutely not true. The say that they are very uncomfortable with his nakedness but they stand strong that nothing else has happened. The girls attempted to talk to their mother about this many times and she overlooked it and ended in the girls being screamed at again. So the girls went to their father for help. Both girls now want to live with their father... needless to say he is the process of court proceedings. They are willing to talk and tell their story and feelings to be able to do so. I have a hard time overlooking the huge red flags... without the girls admitting to anything other than the nakedness, im not sure what else their father can do. His attorney (get this!) isn't sure if their is anything illegal about him exposing himself. Correct me if Im wrong... but isn't exposing yourself to a minor illegal?? The boyfriend claims he has a sleeping disorder. I believe that to be very true, BUT the girls say he isn't always sleeping while naked. He cooks naked! this was happening on a regular basis and sense the court proceedings has started (about 2 months ago) it hasn't happened at all... coincidence?? We are in Illinois if laws vary... Thanks!

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    There is nothing illegal abut being naked in front of minors *in itself*. If there were, every family oriented naturist park in the country would be breaking the law. To be illegal, the exposure must be motivated by "prurient intent".

    I certainly, would hate to be the defense attorney trying to persuade a jury that an adult walking around naked in front of his girlfriends two teenage daughters AFTER they have repeatedly asked him not to do so has no prurient intent.

    However, the situation is likely to be in the process of resolving itself. If the father wants custody, the girls want to live with him, and the mothers boyfriend insists on walking around naked in front of them against their stated objections, the court is almost certainly going to end them to live with their father.


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