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Please help finding volume displaced by boat and bouyant force exerted by water. PHYSICS?

Please help. PHYSICS. Our boat is 189.86 kg, if it goes in water, what is the volume displaced by the boat?. also, what is the Buoyant force exerted by the water on the boat. Thank you in advanced.

Dimensions of boat is




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    Assuming you are in fresh water (density = 1000 kg/ m^3)

    Upthrust = weight of liquid displaced

    Mass of water displaced = mass of boat = 189.86 kg

    Density = mass /volume

    Volume = mass /density = 189.96 / 1000 = 0.18986 m^3

    The second part is quite straightforward:

    The upthrust is equal to mass of boat, since it floats!

    So, Buoyant force = mg = 189.86 x 9.81 = 1862.5N

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    that's in simple terms a wager. a million liter of water weighs a million.000028 kg. perhaps, you divide the 189.86 via a million.000028 to discover sort of liters(quantity). perhaps you do not desire the size, in simple terms the load. help!!! the place is Einstein whilst we desire him?

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