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PLEASE HELP! Does he or does he not like me? BFF, LYING, ABC.?

Ok so, there is this guy (let's call him B) in my grade. Some people say he likes me and some that he likes this other girl (let's call her C). B messages/texts/calls everyday, he asks if he can sit with me during some classes, he compliments me, he talks to me a lot, he stares at me. He barely talks to C, but sometimes he talks ABOUT her. I didn't notice anything strange about his behavior until recently, when his best friend who is super hot and whom I would like if he wasn't such a douche (let's call him A), told me and everyone else that he likes me. Then B started staring/talking to me a lot more. He also started telling me a lot more of his secrets and "asking" me out more. Not asking, asking just for example do you want to hang out/ cinema. Not really a date but.... it's kind of like a secret date. Both of you don't say you're going on a date but it's basically like a date.

I don't know if he's just "jealous" of his best friend/me or if he just likes me, but he thought I liked someone else before.

Please, no rude answers. Thank You in advance


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    Well B sounded like he might have liked you before all of that stuff happened with A.

    Starting to talk to you etc. more after A says that would suggest some kind of jealousy.

    Either jealousy,fear of moving too slow, maybe their having a competition. Something along those lines.

    Whatever it was, when A said that to you, it stimulated him to just start moving things along with you faster.

    All in all,I don't think it matters why the upsurge in his activity, it's likely that he liked you from before anyway and is just now deciding to act more quickly on those feelings.

    Good luck.

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