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Blocked Bank of America credit card!?


I am an international student, 2 years back when I lived in US, I opened a bank account in the Bank of America. I stayed for about 2 months in the States, then I came back home. Actually what I want to ask is, when I came back home, first I tried to log in to my account through online banking, it worked, but after several days I decided to withdraw my money (about 130$), but after that it was just blocked, I tried to reach them, but they never respond, do not know what to do. I am afraid that my balance went in negative since then, do not know what happened with my account. when I try to send them a message, it says, fisrt i have to log in to my online account, then I can send an email, but if it has been blocked how could i do that? lol

But if I go to the states next time, and what if I go to that Bank again what will happen? :) plz someone help me. what should i do...

(sorry for my bad english)

Thanks in advance

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    Try picking up the phone and calling them. They blocked your access because you accessed your account from overseas. If you would have called them and let them know you WERE overseas, then they would have released the block. It's always good to call your credit card company or bank to let them know you're going out of the country. They otherwise think it's fraudulent activity.

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    Bank of America, has a number of toll free calls to them. I would immediately contact and ask to speak to a representative.

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    in simple terms ought to get caught up on the money. supply them a decision and paintings out a plan with them. they'll reopen it. Ask them to diminish the quantity of credit on that card so which you do not run your self into the floor financially.

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