makeup water for a firetube boiler?

PLese someone can explain me how to calculate the quantity of makeup water for a fire tube boiler, let say for these condition: gas flow=1600 lb/hr at 1600 F to make 39500 lb/hr of water steam ( T=438 F,P=350 psig) , and for %5 blown down ?


(and how do i reply to your answer here .juste want to say thanks )


in fact, what i want to know is how much i will need to pay for the water supply

(sorry for my english, hope it will not disturb you too much)

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you are making 39,500 pounds per hour and the blow down is 5% of that then your makeup would be 5% of 39,500 pounds per hour plus whatever is lost to the atmosphere by steam leaks, and vents from the de-aerator if there is one in the system. The loss to the de-aerator vent can only be determined by knowing the details of the de-aerator. Steam leaks are a pure guess since it depends on the size and tightness of the system.

    If there is a condensate surge tank then you can use the level there to adjust for steam leaks.

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