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legend of zelda ocarina of time scarecrow song?

as a kid i went to the scare crows and used my ocarina on both of them and played 8 down notes then went back as a adult and one of them was gone i went to the top of purple building near water(the one with a guy inside and fish tank) and the fairy moved to a spot and turned green and i played the song but nothing happened how do i summon scarecrows? i also tried as a adult to talk to the 1 scarecrow thats there and i tried replaying the song to...the song is just down down down down down down down down and i wrote it on a paper next to my tv also so i didn't forget the song

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    Try making a different song, with alternating notes. Do something like: up down up down up down up down. I'm pretty sure you're allowed to change the song.

    That's all I can think of. Hope it happens to help.

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    If you're adult hyperlink, go back in time and go the lake, talk to the scarecrow and make up your own tune, then as adult hyperlink where ever you see navi fly off and hover above a inexperienced goal play the music you made up and the scarecrow will apeer and support you reach precise areas by means of making use of your hook shot

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