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Exercises I can do at home?

I wanna start exercising at home, does anyone know any exercises that I can do to tighten up a little bit?? I don't wanna build lots of muscles cause I don't think it would suit me, I just wanna get a little bit in shape =)

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  • 8 years ago

    lots of low to no weight workouts for tightening

    running/walking 5-10 mins, stretch atleast 30 seconds to lengthen muscle (this will help hide the muscle built from increase exercise)

    lower body: body squats(overtime try to add 10-20 pounds) 10-20 reps 2-3 sets this will tighten ur glutes and theighs, calf raiser 20-30 reps 2-3 sets

    core/abs: as many crunches u can do for 60 seconds, bridges and side bridges 60 seconds each

    upper body:60 seconds push ups (alternate from basic and triangle to tighten arms all around) bicep curls light weight as many reps possible

    cool down: walk/run 5-10 mins,stretchs atleast 30 seconds each once again will tighten n make muscles stronger but smaller so u dont look huge lol

    Source(s): certified personal trainer
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    Here is a complete home exercise plan for women:

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