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Insulation in Garage Ceiling.. Help?

I have a 2 bay garage with a room over it.. and i need insulation in the ceiling with out Ripping down the sheetrock. I Dont Not Want to USE INJECTION FOAM!! ( so please dont say that) But i asked around and i have found out i could possible drill holes in the bays and Fill with Cellulose or Blown in fiber glass.. Now my question is ..

Is this a Good idea?

How Should i approach This Using Cellulose?

What do i need to prep the Job?..

Thank you


im not trying to pull the ceiling down if i do that then i might as well spray foam. i use to do insulation so i just want to make sure im doing it right...

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    You can definitely use blown in insulation. You do need equipment but you can usually rent for free from lowes or home depot with a certain amount of insulation purchase. I believe blown in gives you an R value between 20-40

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    It can be done, but you will need the equipment to do it foo the job. You can employ a company to do it for you, but it may be cheaper to pull the ceiling down.

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