My gf dosent loves me anymore !!!!?

I really love my girlfriend. I have been in a relationship since 8 months. But recently she's like i am torturing her. Since past 4 months there have been couple of arguments but were resolved but since 2 months she has been shouting a lot on me on little things. I am in college and she is in my batch. When i asked her about her prblm she is lyk every time i expect something from u , you always disappoint me and i am not a good bf. She told me that u have no brains, u r dumb and she wants a bf who has an importance of himself and does not run after every human being. She wants a bf who has some self respect. From my point of view i have been a very good bf. But on other hand she is lyk the only reason i am with you is coz i love you and i have feelings for you and the day these feelings disappear i will leave you. I am completely loyal and i dont even talk to other girls. we havnt seen each other for 4 days and our exams are approaching. Sometimes i do have hurt her feelings which i regret. I havnt said nythin bad to her bt she says that u are the best person but worst bf. What should i do? What does she really feel ? Please help me? I live in India


I do support her emotionally and in every situation i am there for her. We have had some trust issues till 4 months of our relationship but now we don't. She says that u r a very decent guy and you don't have that 'Deal With The World ' quality..since my exams are approaching i believe that she is really freaked out and thus taking her frustration out in other ways. And she is that kinda girl that makes a big deal out of every small thing

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  • 8 years ago
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    i'm sorry. u should go to church

  • 8 years ago

    No, dont go to church! lol seriously man, im sorry to say this..but i never had a girl treat me like that! I dont even know why you love her..youll probably never do this..but if you break up with her, almost any other girl will treat you better..she sounds really dont deserve that!

  • 8 years ago

    on to the next onee!

  • 8 years ago

    Well gee, I wonder why.

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