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y dose my girlsfriend still do this after 2 years and three months?

im 20 and my girlfriend is 18, we have been dating for 2 years and 3 months last saturday. but she still dosent want me to post on facebook that we are together. she dosent even want me to post anything on her facebook wall. things like "your awsome babe im glad ur mine" or " i love you babe your the best". she keeps saying she dont want other people in are relationship but then again she says she dont care what others thing about us dating. in my case id like to let people no we are dating bc im proud to have her in my life. we have already talked about gettn marryd in a few years so y dose she do this? i feel like she dosent want someone else finding out. am i just assuming or is something going on that i should know about?

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    Maybe it's because she's embarrassed about your inability to spell:







    ...and many others.

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    Quit talking to an 18 year old girl about getting married "in a few years". You hooked up with her when she was 16 and you are trying to book her out into infinity. Not really fair when you think about it. Not fair. Not realistic either.

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    She is keeping you a secret for a reason. Time to move on and find someone who is willing to announce to her facebook world that she is with you.

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