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I stole from my work place, what am I doing?

I work at Sears in the loading dock where they keep all the merchandise at. they asked me to help the unpacking people one day, and when they all left, I was working alone for 2 hours on unpacking everything, so I had all this merchandise open in front of me, not even scanned in yet.

I dont know what possessed me but I took one of the men's shirts and went and hid it in my jacket.

I'm now terrified that they will look through the security camera's and will see what I did. and I can't think of any explanation for what I did... if they come and ask me why, you know what... I have no idea why,

I regret doing it so much, I didn't even need a shirt, I could easily wait for pay day and buy it myself. it's now unpacked so I can't put it back. I feel so guilty and scared to lose the job and to be charged with theft, and I'm not sure what to do, or if I should even be this worried.

I decided that when I get paid I will go and buy this shirt again, which is still in a bag, and sneak that one back to the dock.

I just don't understand why I would do something like this. it isn't like me at all, Its hard for me to believe I did such thing.

what are the chances they are going to find out what I did? and what do I say when they find out?

and how can I fix it, or make up for it?

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  • avgjoe
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    If they saw you do it you would already be fired. The right thing to do would be to return it , but you would be fired for theft. In this situation it is difficult for you if you do the right thing you are out of a job if you try to sneak it back the odds of getting caught are greater so you would be fired. There is no excuse for your lapse in judgement so any excuse and you will be terminated.

    If you feel you need to make up for it you may consider buying some shirts for a homeless shelter or volunteering at one so that you can see what it is like to have little to nothing it may just change your whole outlook on life.

  • You'll feel better if you tell them what happened. Pay for the shirt. Ask them to be reasonable. They'll probably let it go if you're honest. If a shirt is missing, they'll suspect you anyway - you think that things coming off a truck aren't accounted for, somewhere else?

    Trust me. You'll feel better.

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    Do nothing at this point. You've learned a good valuable lesson. Be extra nice to the customers or something but don't rebuy or put back anything. Don't lose your job over a shirt while trying to correct the problem. It's not a problem until IT'S A PROBLEM so place this in the back of your mind and move on. Businesses like Sears are really struggling so please don't do this again.

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    Say you have no idea what posessed you to do this. if you could take it back you would. you will need to earn their trust back. maybe go a week or two with out pay. say you are so sorry and would do anything to take it back.

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  • Anonymous
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    They will probably never know. And you risk getting caught by trying to "replace" it. Just let it go. And don't do anything stupid like that again.

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