Why would my ex want to act like we are a couple?

My ex and I live together and he broke up on Monday.. Im ok with it as I have to be. However, he still wants to act like a couple asking me to cut his finger and toe nails, rub his back, putting his hand on my leg while i drive and rubbing my back yet when its convenient he reminds me we are single. I told him I can't do that, that he wants to be friends he needs to be my friend.

He doesn't want me to leave and talks our kids and the future as if we are a couple. He says I am his best friend and that he still loves me. He doesn't want me to date or still gets jealous of my phone or anyone I talk to.

All he is doing is making me hate him because I feel like he is trying to hurt me worse. Should I just go on and date? even though we live together? I told him just because he wants to be single doesn't mean I want to be.


These kids our not ours together. I have one child he has three. And our kids all like each other a lot.

And he also keeps saying my name with his last name?? WTH?

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  • Dee
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    8 years ago

    Good for you AND YES, you should date other people! I see you have children together, huh? In that case, he'll have to ALWAYS be a part of your life BUT since he broke up with you, you're NOT committed anymore to the old chores you used to do. Tell him to ask his new girlfriend to take care of his business because it's no longer your place to. Hint, hint: Guys do not break up with their girlfriends, wives etc. unless they have someone they're pretty sure of and new. So, you won't be wrong when you pose it like this AND he'll wonder how you know about her. They all want and expect to have their cake and eat it to, so never give in. Good luck and go find a great guy.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes go on and move out and date..sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too...I would not fall into the game he has chosen to play.If he said remember we're single go out , come home late and say hey remember we're single,or give him a choice say either ur with me or im gone...Put your foot down you deserve more!

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe he wants to get back together..

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