How to make starcraft run on new graphics card?

So i recently put a new graphics card into my computer, and i tried running starcraft, but it didn't work! Before i put in the new graphics card the game ran perfectly, i also put windows 7 on my computer (it was originally windows xp). So i talked to a friend who knows a lot about the computers, and he said the only way to make starcraft work with the new graphics card was to go back to windows xp, but i don't want to do that. So i was wondering if there is a starcraft mod out there that would make starcraft compatible with my new graphics card.

Additional info:

i don't know what my new graphics card is, but the error i get is titled Direct Draw when ever i try to run it. The error message says something about not having a color palette set to 256 and not having my screen resolution at 640. I tried changing the screen resolution and color palette, but the same message still pops up. I have tried compatibility mode and a few other things (getting a newer version of DirectX) but to no avail! I'm starting to believe that there isn't a way to get starcraft running through the process of changing settings on my computer, so i have started searching for a mod to make the game run, PLEASE HELP!


NOTE: I did install the drivers for the new graphics card!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Did you actually install the drivers for the new card? Without drivers, you'll be using the generic Super VGA driver by default.

    Edit: If you don't know what your video is, then how did you download and install the drivers for it?

  • 8 years ago

    Can you tell us what GPU it is?

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