Single player platform version of runescape?

Ok i was sitting here thinking about runescape (which i find myself doing quite often recently) and i was playing red dead redemption and i started thinking how awsozme it would be if jagex -in coop. With another company- were to make a single player version of rs. Now the way i see it is like this; it would be just like the original online version of runescape it would jusy be like having a rs server all to yourself. It wouls have all the bosses, minigames, armor, etc and all the places just that ur he only one in that world. No one to bother u at revs no world switching to find a free bandos spot and there would always be the online version for people that rather the pking and player to player interaction that the online game offers. So let me know how u feel about this idea whether u hate it or love it and if u love the idea as much as i do mb we could find a way to let jagex know this is what we want

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  • 8 years ago
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    Very unlikely would put an idea like that that into play, but it's interesting. If it was released on consoles or something I would buy it, even if it was still multiplayer but I think if they did that it would be prone to hacking and modifications. Also if they made it single player only they would need to make the game much harder.

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    Well Dave with cracked or full doesn't topic it still works. (You need Audiomod and Modloader also) So if you obtained your Single player commands Mod Downloaded. Search up %appdata% and open the .Minecraft folder and then open the bin folder. Then you definately open the one participant commands winrar folder and open up the minecraft jar file with (Winzip, Winrar or 7zip) but do not close bin folder but. Then from the SPC winrar file drag the worldedit into your .Bin file. Once you got that completed which you could close it. You then must have your minecraft jar file and SPC file open simplest. Now you go to the SPC winrar file and replica the files that each one have the phrase (.Type) on the finish and paste it into the jar file you then shut and your equipped to head. If you would like help just ask me also you need to delete the META-INF file from the minecraft jar file or else you will get a black reveal.

  • 8 years ago

    First off MMORPG is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game..... Just to clarify, and I doubt they will ever implement your idea just because for every player on Runescape would require their own personal server, which Jagex would be way to lazy to do, and it would be economically crippling. While it may seem like a fantastic idea at first, but just think, there would be no free trade, the Grand Exchange would become completely useless in that world. Think of how many times you go to the Grand Exchange to pick up items for a boss or quest. Now imagine every time you had to do that, you would also have to world hop. Just my opinion though, go for it if you want.

    Happy Gaming! =)

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  • 8 years ago

    So, where is the question? This seems like more of an Idea of yours. But, I do not think Jagex will ever make a single player platform version of Runescape. It is a MMORPG ("MAJOR" motion "ONLINE" role playing game)

    If you are having trouble with Revs or Bandos, it does not hurt to find less populated worlds. There are a bunch of less populated worlds, and with the release of Evolution of Combat, less people are willing to pay for membership so there will be a lot of free worlds to search.

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