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How to become a good football player?

So my problem is, i am really weak when playing 1 on 1 with another player! I am alot better when playing with my team, but sometimes i get in situations like 1 vs 1, and i cant do anything in it, i usually lose the ball if there is no one around to help me out! I have tryed training alot but without success. So if anyone got an advice for me, i would appreciate it!

Tnx! =D


P.S Its the european football (so called soccer in some places, dont know where excatly! xD)

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    I think that this is not such a big problem. Football is a sport where the number is more important than the skills. Maybe you will not become the next golden ball but you should be ok. Just try to play a more defensive position.

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    I'm a afl player but I love soccer I use to be in your position and basically I got my mate to teach me one on one and we literally practice for hours a day but first practice by yourself and try different ways of keeping control of the ball then bring your mate into it and practice with him/her and just keep practising it will take awhile but u will soon get better and better... Sorry if not much help and if you could can you go on my account and help me out with my problem with the question I put up an hour ago would really help a lot

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