Got lost on the anime [Death Note]?

I've been watching this anime recently and i have to say it's awesome, so now i got to Ep30-Father (When Light's father dies) and felt somehow lost.

How come everyone familiar with Ryuk, which death note is Light using, and why are they cool with Light having a death note?

I would appreciate any explanation regarding the death note owners at this point, and please do not spoil the rest of it.

thnx :)


Are there 3 death notes or are Misa and Light sharing the same one?

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    8 years ago
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    Ok everybody is famiar with ryuk since they all touched the death note (lights death note) and they can all see him. Ryuk had 2 death notes, and so did Rem. Ryuk borrowed a death note from Jealous (i think thats the name) so he gave that one back. Ryuk gave one back, and now only has his. Rem had 2 death notes, hers/his and misas. Misa had her own (the one light is using) and the other one was confiscated by the police and is locked in their little safe.

    long story short, this is who each death note belongs to

    death note 1- ryuk

    death note 2- misa has it and is using it for light

    death note 3- in police custody and is locked in their safe

    death note 4- was originally lights, but after lights father died, they gave it back to its original shinigami. so it will not be seen in this show again.

    Source(s): watched death note a few times
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I can;t remember all of It, but If Ryuk Is around, then Light Is using his death note. They're cool with him having It because they believe Light Isn't Kira.

    Keep watching, It'll start to make more and more sense as It continues.

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