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Few braces questions. Please Answer, Easy 10 points?

im 18 years old and im getting braces on soon..I have very crowded teeth and a large overbite. Im worried that i might need over things besides braces. Do you think i would need other appliances beside braces? I was also wondering how do they put braces on and what are the spacers for. I forgot to ask my ortho these questions because I was nervous

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    They place braces by a strong glue on your teeth. First they place the glue and position the little square things on your tooth. After they do that, they let the glue dry for a bit. Then they place the wires that move your teeth into place. The brackets themselves hold the wires, and the wires reposition your teeth

    Spacers are just for putting space between the teeth they place it in.

    If you want a visual example, look here.

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    Best answer would be to give your ortho a call. I called my surgeon and he was very nice. I know its not the answer you want, but it will get you the answers you need.

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