Is it possible for a mexican American male to marry a Arabian girl?

You middle eastern girls are so beautiful. Is it possible to even date one or marry one? How does it all work out, I think males can marry anyone but females cants.. I guess it depends if she's a Muslim or not right?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Legally, there is no reason not to. As for marrying and religion, it depends on how strict they are. Muslim men can marry outside the faith, but in a lot of families, the women cannot.

    Not all Arab women are Muslilm. But if you are interested, why don't you learn about the cultures of the Arabian countries and learn about Islam. Even if they can marry outside the faith, it is part of the culture and you should respect that by knowing about it.

    Beauty shouldn't be the main criteria for dating or marrying. It should be about compatibility. If you are Catholic, there will be a conflict if she is Muslim, since her faith requires children to be raised Muslim and Catholicism requires them to be raised Catholic.

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