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Pro choice means pro promiscuity. Amnesty means anti justice. What else?

Amnesty means

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    Pro choice does not mean 'pro-promiscuity' - on the contrary, it means that a woman has a choice to choose if she should abort a child even when her own life is in danger. Haven't you read the news lately where a woman in Ireland died after she was denied an abortion? No doctors would help her for fear of prosecution and this women died because they all tried to save a fetus and not her own life. Why should the government have a say so over someone else's decision regarding their body? If someone you loved had to choose between living and dying because of pregnancy complications and they had two small children at home, what would be your choice? I would think that you would choose the life of the loved one and not the fetus because the loved one also had to think about the two little ones, not just herself.

    Amnesty does not mean anti-justice either. And the dream act is hardly Amnesty.

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    Sorry, I haven't time to read your whole spiel. But indeed some (note 'some') women given the legal right to make the choice will indeed choose to to have an abortion and thus cause the death of a foetus, if the pregnancy or the idea of having to bring up a child is unwelcome to them. On the other hand the 'pro-lifers' force girls who have been raped to carry the resulting baby. Both situations are unwelcome and only your personal ethics can resolve your personal position.

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    Fiscal conservatism means starting unprovoked wars and leaving them for the next administration to pay for.


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    Pro-choice means giving a woman the right to choose what she does with her body.

    Amnesty means pardoning an individual when it is practical to do so.

    John Quill means ********.

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    Yes, a poor 14 year old girl who gets pregnant from repeated rapes by her father. What a promiscuous tart.

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    The right wings demigod, Reagan, promoted amnesty. Go figure.

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    Amnesty means; look it up in the dictionary.

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    Illegal is Illegal.

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