At what age can I start in the Military?

Im 14

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  • 8 years ago
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    US Military is 17 but you need a permission from your parents if you aren't 18.

  • 8 years ago

    17 but if you dont have parent permision then wait until 18

  • CPR
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    8 years ago

    17 with parental consent, 18 with no one's consent but your own. If you want to go military it would behoove you to work hard in school, take some classes that will give you college credit and such that way you are prepared for the ASVAB and will have a lot more job options open to you when you talk to your recruiter. Also college credit will allow you to enlist as an E-2 or E-3 instead of a fuzzy wuzzy E-1. JROTC will also do that for you, but JROTC is for POGs.

    Good luck to you.

  • Yogi
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    8 years ago

    Some NG places will in a since enlist people as young as 14 and 15, during summer months they send them to a summer camp sort of thing or they used to anyway. This is preparing them for regular guards when they become 18 or finish school, they can go regular Army. You would still need parental consent to do that. After 18 it is what ever branch you pick mom and dad have nothing they can do about it other than tell you NO but it is up to you, you are considered an adult at that age. Still can't legal drink but you can go to war.

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