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How did the ussr "firmly control the Eastern European states" during 1945-50?

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    Stalin had promised free elections in Eastern Europe but in reality the smaller parties were merged with the Communist Party in each state to form Communist dictatorships. The key men in these states had received training in Russia and so were loyal to the party line emanating from Moscow. An exception to the rule was Tito's Yugoslavia where partisans had liberated their own country without the Red Army's involvement, and so took a more independent line.

    In some cases those considered to be enemies of Communism were incarcerated, e.g. Nazi party members were sent to Buchenwald, previously a Nazi concentration camp.

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    With a standing army of 3 million in Europe and a reserve of 15 million the Russians could do anything through brute force. Germany was beat and the US and UK lacked the brass to challenge stalin and his red cronies. The Communists tormented Eastern Europe for 50 more years.

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