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Do you have an educated/reasonable mediating tactic to resolve the palestinian refugee issue?

Serious answers only... I accept the fact that the Israeli-Palestinian/Arab countries will likely NEVER reach a peace agreement in order to allow right of return, nor Israeli will accept responsibility and compensate the Palestinians.. but if you were a mediating country that came to a negotiation table and proposed a reasonable way to "the best possible solution", what would it be?

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    The world should get together and force the Palestinians out of Israel (which includes Judea and Samaria) once and for all. It should also pay them x amount of dollars each after they have been removed if they agree to never go back.

    My solution to the problem will seem too draconian so it isn't going to be used. The false solution the world is going to settle for will be a time-limited seven year "peace" deal which will be violated midway through.

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    there are palestinians working and living in Israel , Israel has a massive muslim population who love Israel and are loyal to her

    why would any palestinian be compensated ?

    The best solution would be for the palestinians to go back to Jordan lebanon and Syria where they came from , then maybe in time they could all make peace and trade with each other again

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