Good title for Fantasy/Adventure book?

The book is about a social outcast, a young male, who is down on his luck,not knowing his real parents, and in debt, until one night in his run down apartment he is visited by a strange man in armor and with a sword. He is informed that he is not of earth but his parents are from another world (imagine a fantasy world like LotR). He is told it is time to return home as he is needed because his true home is in danger by a great evil.

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  • 8 years ago
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    the outcast

    the ring of universes

    the claw

    bad timing

    the weirdo kid

  • 4 years ago

    Hmmm....that is a frustrating one. i think of its superb to furnish a identify on your tale as quickly as the total, even nevertheless having a working identify is super motivation and provides a feeling of fulfillment. Its stressful to not be cliche, seeing he's 0.5-angel, yet listed right here are some concepts: Blood is in order that thick (as interior the old asserting "blood is thicker than water") darkish Angel Betrayal The homicide of Angels (perhaps somewhat too darkish to your tale...?) they are in simple terms some concepts. yet i understand for effective that the excellent titles comes from the authors as quickly as the e book is complete, even nevertheless many publishers will in simple terms replace the call besides. Oh, and be careful whilst posting your plot online. :) sturdy success! :)

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