Grade 7 Physics problem help? 10 points?

2. One train left the station and traveled towards its destination at a speed of 65 miles per hour. Later, another train left the station traveling in the opposite direction of the first train it was going at a speed of 75 m/hr after the first train had traveled for 14 hrs. It was 1960 miles, Apart from the second train. How long did the second train travel?

I need a: Given, Unit, Final Solution and Final Answer


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  • 8 years ago
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    Train 1 have traveled for 14 hours at a rate of 65mph

    => it has traveled 65*14=910miles

    this means that the train have traveled 910miles away from the station.

    Since the 2 rains are 1960miles apart and opposite in direction

    => the second train is 1960-910=1050miles away from the station

    It is traveling at rate75m/hr

    =>time=d/v=1050/75=14 hours

    => they have launched at the same time.

    Yet the second train was traveling at a higher speed thus traveled a bigger distance

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