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Do you support legalization and de-stigmatization of sex work for this reason...?

that the dating and sexual marketplace is extremely competitive for and heavily biased against men. The norms and dynamics of attraction are unfair to men and are such that a very large number of men are bound to fail. (much much larger number than women who fail)


This can be in addition to the primary reason of sex worker welfare.

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    Uhhhh, not for that reason.

    I think there is an argument to be made for the safety of the women and their John's that legalization and Regulation would help to ensure.

    As for women having the advantage in dating: yes, it's true, men have to approach women, and women get to decide which man they want. Any ugly, or fat, or crazy, or STD-laden woman can just go to a bar in a skirt, and a dozen guys will be ready to procreate. It doesn't work that way for guys.

    I think that bisexuality and homosexuality may be a better option for evening out this disparity than more sex workers.

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    "her body, her choice."

    why is prostitution different than abortion?

    the public health benefits should never be forgotten either.

    the stigma will never go away.

    sharing intimacy for money will ALWAYS be stigmatized until we are some other species.

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    In some ways.

    Some men are so ugly that they need help getting laid or they'll go on a killing spree or become misogynists. This is also the same with some women. These people really do need help, even if it comes in the form of orgasms.

    It is easier for women to obtain sex since most guys will have sex with anything that has a pulse.

    On the other hand, sexually transmitted disease will become much more common and no matter what, a man who has to seek prostitutes to get laid will never been seen as successful in most people's eyes, especially women.

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