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Can You help me put this sentence into other words?

I need to put this sentence into other words. . Can you perhaps simplify and modify this sentence? I don't really understand it "Most forest reserves actually consist of 'Maquis' (that's in another language) in a more or less advanced stage of degradation due to past misuse common to all Mediterranean countries, and to consequent siol erosion. Would probably be best if put into 2 sentences

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    Yes - two sentences:

    Most Forest Reserves actually consist of a more or less advanced stage of degradation. This is due to the past misuse of this land common to all Med...countries and consequent soil erosion."

    This simplifies it, I think.


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    MAQUIS-dense scrub land left after major clear cut and de forestation.--Over use of forests in the area has left large open areas and scrub land(maquis) with a changed ecology and soil erosion as a result.

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