What interesting book are you presently reading?

I'm presently reading "I Rigoberta Menchu an Indian in Guatemala",by Elisabeth Burgos -Debray.This interesting book is about the true life story of a Guatemalan American Indian peasant women named Rigoberta Menchu whom retells the history of American Indians in what is now called "Latin America",before the arrival of the Europeans(Spaniards,Portuguese,French).this book covers the gruesome repression,gut-wrenching poverty and vicious racism that diverse American Indian tribes sufferer on a daily basis in Latin America.


BTW,please include the author of the book.

Update 2:

@Mestizo Pancho Villa:I'm a colonial history fanatic and enjoy reading history books from diverse sources & perspectives(European perspective/American Indian perspective).I am in no manner proud of any of the awful things Europeans did against American Indians since I am human and feel for all people(regardless of race!)who represent humanity.

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    The Buried Mirror by Carlos Fuentes. Fuentes asks how did Latin America come to be what it is today? (Or more accurately, as it was at the 500th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the new world.) It's a fascinating political and cultural history of Spain and Latin America. Sounds like it would be a book you would enjoy. Fuentes writes beautifully in English and in Spanish. The Spanish title is El Espejo Enterrado.

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    8 years ago

    Wow I've read that book one of my faves I hope you enjoy it and that it opens your eyes to the struggle fo the Guatemalan people

    I'm currently reading fast food Nation by Eric Schlosser about the dark side and origins of the fastfood industry

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    I'm reading the hobbit to grasp the plot for the upcoming movie.

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