Previous employer hasnt contacted me regarding two checks he owes me?

I worked at his one location then at the other. I worked as a server (privately owned small resturant business)) He fired me via text because I texted him to tell him i couldnt come into work that night he said it was "wrong approach" I texted him back saying to mail me my check. Havnt heard from him or anything then his other location that i helped with owed me money for 4 shifts as well. He hasnt "let me know" like he said he would. I havnt tried getting back with them at all. Went ahead and filed a complaint with the wage and hour division in my state. I just called back and they said it could take up to two months to just SEE what they would do about it. the DECIDE if they would handle it. Im fuming. this is my money! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!

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  • 8 years ago

    Relax. This is only a small bump in life.

    You said yourself that you haven't tried to contact him. A normal and courtous business aproach is to assume that he forgot or it got lost in the paper work. So you call him to gently remind him. 90% of the time that is all it takes.

    Or, it might be better to just go there and pick up your check. Chances are it's been printed and is just sitting in a pile of papers.

    If for some reason he refuses to give you the check, then yea, it's a big hassle and it's going to take time. I think you could file in small claims court, but I think going through the goverment agerncy is a better aproach. But goverment is slow and there's nothing you can do to speed them up.

  • 8 years ago

    If you want your money..............WALK up to the guy and DEMAND it! Texting is NOT how you solve this problem - only IN PERSON!

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