Black ops 2 question need help fast need help!!!!!!!!?

I bought black ops 2 for ps3 and it has pretty bad graphics and i have a led sony bravia 240hz hd tv and rocketfish hdmi cables i downloaded texture pack didnt even help one bit i cant stand this i love the game but graphics are crap i have to put sharpness on my tv all the way up that barely even helps will they have a pactch does anyone know please help i heard millions of other users are experiencing this please someone tell me when will they fix this i payed 60 bucks for a game that has horrible graphics

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    they are working on it, for quite a few people now, this problem has came up, some error in the way they programmed it, they are working on fixing it, but how long it will take before it comes out in a patch, is unknown, so for now, the waiting game has to be played

  • 8 years ago

    That's probably just Treyarch. I downloaded the game on my PC, and set the graphics to max, which neither the Xbox 360 nor PS3 does. Even with max settings, the game just isn't that good looking. Maybe you are experiencing a different thing, like an actual graphics problem, but I personally think the game looks exactly the same as Black Ops 1, like when you get close to a surface, you can still see pixels and blotchy shading that definitely isn't HD.

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