BIOLOGY gomework help please you dont have to answer all just if you know any..:)?

1. When an athlete is nearing the end of a race and her cells are low on oxygen, which of the following is likely to occur in her cells so that glycolysis can continue to produce ATP? (Points : 3)

A protein synthesis

B DNA synthesis

C fermentation

D cell-to-cell communication

2. Which statement is correct about the Krebs cycle?

(Points : 3)

A Acetyl-CoA combines with pyruvic acid to make glucose in the Krebs cycle.

B The Krebs cycle produces electron carriers for the electron transport chain.

C Oxygen is a waste product of the Krebs cycle.

D In the Krebs cycle, carbon dioxide is used to make glucose.

3. During the electron transport chain, which process leads to the production of large amounts of ATP?

(Points : 3)

A Energy carriers release carbon dioxide that flows through the mitochondrial membrane.

B High-energy electrons pump hydrogen ions against the concentration gradient.

C Water is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen ions to produce ATP.

D NADH combines with FADH2 to produce large amounts of ATP.

4. Refer to the following information to answer Questions 4 and 5.

Vegetable farmers often plant soybeans every few years. Rotating crops breaks up the life cycles of many insect pests, and the soybean plants provide the soil with nitrogen. Other crop plants need the nitrogen to grow well. A field of soybean seeds has been planted on a farm in Indiana. As soon as the first leaves emerge from the seed, photosynthesis begins.

Which substance is the chemical food source for the soybean plants? (Points : 3)

A carbon dioxide

B sunlight

C water

D glucose

5. A soybean plant uses cellular respiration to generate usable chemical energy, released within the cell as molecules of what substance? (Points : 3)

A chlorophyll

B carbon dioxide


D glucose

6. Which of the following is the main function of the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis? (Points : 3)

A to produce oxygen

B to produce glucose

C to use up excess carbon dioxide

D to use up water

7. Which of the following is the main function of the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis? (Points : 3)

A to convert carbon dioxide into water

B to break down glucose into pyruvic acid

C to produce ATP and NADPH for the light-independent reactions

D to release oxygen into the atmosphere

8. How may a gene be defined? (Points : 3)

A a segment of DNA

B a segment of a protein

C a complete protein

D a part of the cell membrane

9. Refer to the following information to answer Questions 9 through 13.

Even though scorpions are related to spiders, there are many differences between the two organisms. One difference is that scorpion young do not hatch from eggs as spiders do. Scorpions are born live, two at a time, and they immediately crawl onto the mother's back for protection and care. They remain there for 2 weeks as they grow big enough to take care of themselves.

As baby scorpions grow larger, which process occurs in their body (somatic) cells? (Points : 3)

A Meiosis produces all of the new body cells.

B Mitosis separates one cell into four cells.

C Mitosis makes copies of the cell nuclei.

D Meiosis splits the chromosome numbers by four.

10. Baby scorpions are born with fully developed bodies, each with many special parts such as a stinging tail. Which process enables baby scorpions to develop various kinds of body parts from a single zygote? (Points : 3)

A cell differentiation

B meiosis

C reproduction

D cell breakdown

11. The skin cells of a scorpion organize together to make a hard covering called a carapace, which helps protect the scorpion. What is the term for a group of similar cells working together? (Points : 3)

A tissue

B organism

C organ

D system

12. How do the number of chromosomes in a female scorpion’s egg cells compare with the number in her body (somatic) cells? (Points : 3)

A The number of chromosomes depends on the size of the scorpion.

B The number of chromosomes is the same in both.

C There are twice as many chromosomes in egg cells.

D There are half as many chromosomes in egg cells.

13. Scorpion cells undergo aerobic respiration, just as human cells do. During aerobic respiration, which process takes place? (Points : 3)

A Oxygen is used, and ATP is made.

B Carbon dioxide and glucose are made.

C Carbon dioxide and water are used.

D Glucose and oxygen are released.

14. Which compound is released by photosynthesis and used in aerobic respiration? (Points : 3)

A water

B carbon dioxide


D oxygen

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