I need your help! Please if you can help me!?

I have very dufficult love life! I fall in love very hard! and it takes me much time to forget a persoN!!!!!

only people who understand astrology! can you tell me !!!!! I am scorpio with mars in Scorpio and Pluto in lIbra! I have Sun in Leo in 9 house and Venus in Leo also there! I have moon chiron and north node in 7 house all in Gemini!!! But the worst thing I have is Saturn in scorpio square Both my Sun and My venus! Can you expalin! Am I detinied to be aloneeeeeeeeee or..........

I have Saturn sextil Jupiter and I have Venus trine Uranus as a good aspects!!!!!!!!!! plese help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Please help if you caN!!! I am reallly down!!! I know not much about astrology but still I heard that Satrun squares are the worst!!!! to have in Natal chart!!!! My Mars and my satrun are both in Scorpio! and my rising sign is also scorpio!! My venus is in Leo the Planet is in 9 house ! and it has good asepcts with Uranus Vesta Chiron and Pluto!!! Only peopel who understan astrology help meeeeeee

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