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Need help with Buddhism?


Okay, so I'm doing this paper and I need to know if you are a buddhist, does you soul go up to nirvana when you have full filled everything in life?

Bye. c:

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    Soul is undefined in Buddhism. The Buddha never answered this directly, intentionally.

    Karma needs to be worked out. There is no 'go to Nirvana' when you die. You're confusing Christian mythology with that of Buddhism.

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    Buddhism does not talk about souls.

    It talks about how what we think of as "us" is not really what we are.

    As for nirvana, that is the state of enlightenment. You can attain that while you are alive. But YOU attain it .. no power gives it to you.

    And fulfillment is not how you attain Nirvana. It is by letting go of your desires, attachments, and aversions. No, these things don't stop .. they just stop "hooking" you because you see things in a different perspective, because you see that it is your desires, attachments and aversions that are the actual cause of your unhappiness, so you no longer "buy into" them.

    Source(s): I have been practicing Buddhism for over 12 years, and that includes weekly lessons in my city with one of the Dalai Lama's monks.
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