phuket shopping( which is better?)?

which is better for shopping in phuket jungceylon or premium outlet phuket?

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    8 years ago
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    If you are in Bangkok - Bangkok will be cheaper for most things. With the exception of things actually made in the Phuket area.

    Here is a link for 'best shopping Phuket" that you can look over.

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  • 5 years ago

    I would say Central Festival is better for shopping as there are better quality clothes there, but it really depends on what you want to buy, if you want to get tour or villas deals in phuket offers the beat deals, its like the phuket groupon

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    4 years ago

    even as i replaced into in bangkok i found that phantip plaza and MBK are the places to bypass for all of your electical products and also you may p.c.. up mp5's for round 20 quid in case you haggle.yet be awear that in case you get a lap precise the warrenty will be void in case you deliver it decrease back. as for phuket i stayed in patong and by no capacity certain of the spelling yet jonclong buying plaza replaced into somewhat good its on the different end of bangla highway from the sea coast naer thai boxing section, for luggage and t-shirts walk previous the plaza until eventually you locate the marketplace i replaced into choosing up prada holdals fo about 15 quid and armani tops for about 4 quid. there is two different markets in kamala which in case you provide 400bht to a taxi motive force he will take you they are on monday,wednesday,friday and saturday.there is also an somewhat good rub down save said as suited rub down,the staff are fairly fantastic and take care of you and its no longer seedy also even as your in bangkok in case you close up to the rembandt motel bypass to the spar opposite once you arrive because that is going to style you out after the lengthy flight, when I first went to bangkok i made the blunders of going to sleep when I arrived and lost a days buying and ended up rushing round also yet another situation when you're on the rembrandt the taxis that sit down accross the line attempt to tear you of so get the motel to call a taxi for you. wish that's some help have an fantastic time and in case you want any more advantageous help im the following

  • I Jungceylon You can find whatever you want and any category of goods, In The Outlet just clothes

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