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how can i fatten my horses up a little for the winter?

i know this question gets asked a lot probably but i haven't been on here for a while so ive missed the responses. i was working out of state at a national park for the last 3 months and my mom has been taking care of my babies. when i got home two days ago i was expecting them to be chunky since they haven't had any riding plus their winter fur is on and making them all fluffy, but instead i noticed they have both lost some weight, my mare is my rodeo horse so shes always slim from the exercise with her athletic figure but i know shes lost some pounds since ive left, and my gelding is always really chunky not fat but muscly from his build he's a big guy and he too has lost quite more than i ever thought he could. ive increased their feed a little, i don't wanna just be like kaboom food eat it i don't wanna end up with two sick horses, but is their anything i can do/ supplements i can get them to build them up a little bit for the season? thanks a bunch (:

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    so this is the weirdest thing. i put i cap full of vegtable oil on my horses grain daily it worked for my horse and also made his coat great for showseason. another thing is beet pulp(is that how you spell beet?) well feed them that it changed my horses weight really well. but be sure to feed it to them soaked in warm water. because beet pulp swells when it get wet causing clogs in the horses digestive system (some people are against it and feed it to them dry) also add as much water as you can make it warm water because horses tend to get dehydrated in the winter and this will give them water with their normal feed. and besure to introduce new things to their diet slowly then start increasing

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    I also think Beet juice. And mabye some rolled up oats with molasses. They heart it.:)

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    I'm not a vet but I've done loads of research,I recently was given a registered Quarter horse hunter jumper although I ride him western now, when I received him he was 200+ lbs underweight at 1200 lbs but he is very tall and large boned he is now successfully a 1500 pounder! my method is slow but effective(slow is safer and more permanent!) I always have free feed of fresh hay available,roughage is so very important! I started a few weeks with just plain sweet feed 2 lbs twice daily,after that I started introducing about half a lb whole kernel corn to his ration twice daily, until I reached a full lb daily twice a day to his regular sweet feed. After feeding this ration for about a week I added half a lb STABILIZED rice bran powder for about 2 weeks until I reached 1 lb then with a little tweaking I finished off this process by reducing some sweet feed until now his daily ration is as follows...

    1lb sweet mix

    1lb whole corn

    1lb rice bran

    I feed this ration 2 times daily and I started this 4 months ago and now he is ideal

    4 WARNINGS! these things gradually in small amounts to prevent colic

    2.your horse will have somewhat more energy so be prepared for naughty behavior if he doesn't get enough exercise.

    3.I don't reccommend using cracked corn as it has a bigger tendency to grow mold

    4.Be careful not to get your horse overweight,horse have different needs and metabolisms and require some adjusting

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    I'd make sure that they get back to a properly monitored diet, and get the exercise appropriate for building muscle rather than only pasting on blubber. We have always had good luck with beet pulp.

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    I always use Beet Pulp for my guys, it works really well at keeping pounds on and it's easier on their tummies than adding grain. Start with maybe a half a quart twice a day. Make sure you soak the beet pulp in warm water for 2-3 hours before you feed it (for every one cup of beet pulp add 4-5 cups of water) and than just feed it with their grain or as lunch. .

    I give my show hunters and jumpers in heavy work about 1 - 2 quarts a day and older horses who get it to keep weight on about the 2 quarts or a little more a day, But just start with a little and see if you need to add/take away.

    Good luck :)

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    Easy, yummy answer: BEET PULP! Feed it in the morning and at night and you'lll fatter your horse up in no time.

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    Beet pulp is good for extra fiber. I'd feed that with their grain (if they get any). Also I'd feed a vitamin supplement since the hay will have lost a lot of nutrients by the end of the winter.

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    If you have a pasture like full of grass or alfla or something just put them on that for a while and they should get fatten up some or an orchard full or grass

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