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No sure how to eat before and after my workouts?

Should I eat oatmeal, or a half a protein bar before my workouts...

and a green protein shake or protein bar after my workout?

Right now, I eat an peice of fruit before and after...this morning I had some almond butter and tea with whole milk...and I had so much energy!! : D It was great. But after...I am very sore...I dont think I am fueling my body correct.

My workouts Mon - Fri is only an hour long, and my Saturday runs are up to 2 hours.

What should I be eating for the health of my body?

Thank you so very much! : D

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    Eat oatmeal and fruit before that way you will burn it off and more while you're working out. Make sure you get most of the carbs you plan on eating before you workout, as it will give you more energy during. Eat anything with sufficient amounts of protein after your workout.. your body needs it to rebuild itself afterwards. It's normal to be sore if you are just starting out or have increased the length/time/pace you are going, but if you haven't then you may have an injury. Make sure you are getting enough sleep too! Eat lots of lean meat like chicken and fish (grilled of course) along with as many vegetables and fruits you can get you hands on. Whole grain wheat and pasta would also be great for you ~ hope this helped

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    If you are exercising and want better performance, then your going to have to go through trial and error. If you feel better eating carbs before a workout, then do so. Fasting acting carbs (sugar) have show to help performance. You can have protien after wards, but thats up to you. Really what matters is that by the end of the day, your keeping your calorie intake consistent. Drink plenty of water and you'll be fine. It's really about personal preference.

  • Anonymous
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    Try to include variety in your meals, for instance don't just eat only carbs or only vegetables or only fruit for a meal. Have a small amount of protein, whole grains, vegetables per meal and limit sugar intake (sugar makes you fat fastest). Eat a healthy sized meal, wait 45 minutes to an hour and then work out and do the same for your next meal. If you're hungry right before a workout have a small piece of fruit, the carbs will burn off fast fueling your workout. Protein after a workout will help repair tired muscles.

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