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Why does lactose free milk also hurt my tummy?

I have been lactose intolerante for years. So I drink lactaide milk. It gives me no problems. I started a diet and since I can no longer drink slim fast the way I use to I found a similar drink called total lean, it's a meal replacment drink and it's lactose FREE. I was sooooooo happy to find it. When I drank it for the first time this morning it made me so sick like as if I drank real milk ....WHY WHY WHY????? I'm so frusterated. Thanks all :)

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  • Nox
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    I bought the premade total lean and had the same problem, and wound up just giving it away. A lot of protein drinks contain milk, which I also have had problems with. I now buy egg protein and I've had no problems.

    If you're looking to have milk, you can try almond or coconut milk, which also can come unsweetened since you're on a diet.

    I've read that some people think they are lactose intolerant, but are really allergic to some of the proteins or other additives added to these drinks. Either way, if it makes me sick I don't consume it. I've had no problems using the alternatives I suggested above.

  • Isabel
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    Well, just being lactose free may not be enough. The enzyme added to Lactaid helps digest the lactose of real milk, Lactaid is real milk, and it may be that enzyme works for you in more than just lactose. You may have issues simply because of how digestible it is for you.

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    Maybe there's some additives in it, go back to lactaide milk if it doesn't hurt you. Your weight doesn't matter if you're in pain.

    Source(s): Used to be citric acid intolerant
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